TLC is "striping" Tri-Cities one lawn at a time.  

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About Us

Trent Brown - Owner

Trent grew up in Kennewick, playing sports his whole life. His passion for lawns developed at a very young age. He loved the professional look on baseball and football fields and decided he wanted to do the same thing. He started when he was 3 years old mowing his parents lawns. Fast forward to high school, Trent would often been seen with a lawn mower in the back of his truck in high school, then mowed lawns during summers in college. He attended Eastern Oregon University and played football there. He met his wife Brooke, where a few year later they got married. Throughout college Trent kept mowing lawns in the spring and summers until in 2014 he started Trent's Lawn Care where it formed into TLC Landscape Management, LLC.


Brooke Brown - Owner

Brooke grew up in East Wenatchee, where she then attended Spokane Falls Community College to play basketball and study then transferred to Eastern Oregon University. Brooke was an All-American basketball player and javelin thrower. She met her husband Trent in college, where later they got married. Throughout college and after Brooke would help Trent mow lawns, trim shrubs, and many other services. Even though Brooke is not in the field anymore for TLC, Brooke is in charge of their social media and is TLC's office manager.